Writing Group Guidelines

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To make sure that all members are able to get the most from the group and feel comfortable in the space, we have some guidelines we request everyone follows.

Please DO NOT share the Zoom link with anyone else!

I don’t want to be recorded

Recording will not be allowed. We will not record the sessions (audio or video) and request that you don’t either. This is for the safety of all members of the group, including the facilitators.

What about privacy and safety?

We ask that you access the group in a private space if you can and for safeguarding purposes would prefer that cameras are kept on for the duration of each session – please speak to us if you have any worries regarding this. If someone else should become present in the space (perhaps a partner or children in the background), please turn off your camera and microphone, let us know why through the chat function, and return to the group when that person has left the room. If you don’t have a private space, don’t forget to use headphones so that people outside of the group can’t hear what’s being shared by other group participants.

I am anxious about how I will be perceived

These groups aren’t therapy groups – the emphasis is on creative writing –  you can expect writing exercises and online company with other survivors of CSA. We would like to highlight that we will all be at different points in our healing journey and ask that you be mindful and respectful of this. For example, there might be survivors in the group who feel they have received justice whilst there might be some who have never disclosed. Some of us will have accessed therapy, some might not. Our aim is to make sure the environment is supportive for everyone who attends and for everyone to feel their voice is heard. 

I’m worried my work could be used without my consent

We ask that what is said and written in the sessions remains in the sessions. They must be completely confidential, ensuring that we all have agency and ownership of our own stories and work. The ownership of the work created during the workshops remains with the creator of the work. Use of any of the work produced by the attendees requires written permission from the owner of the work before use by The Flying Child. (This is an example of where we have used previous work, with consent of the writers)

Do I need to give a content warning if sharing writing that relates to CSA abuse?

As part of our mission is to help break the silence and stigma of CSA we feel it is important that no one feels silenced or unable to freely read what they have written. However, we realise that sometimes hearing other people’s content may be difficult. In order to manage this, if you are sharing something particularly emotive you can give a heads up to the group if you would like to. Please remember if you are affected by anything shared in the group there is wellbeing support available.   

Will there be support for me in the session?

The writing groups are developed by, led or co-facilitated by survivors of CSA. There will be wellbeing support in each session. You can speak privately in a breakout room if you need to. Outside of the sessions if you are in need of support, please contact The Samaritans or The Survivors Trust. (We will put links in chat at the beginning and end of each session)

If you have any questions about the group, these guidelines, or can no longer attend, please feel free to email The Flying Child  at groups@theflyingchild.com

These groups are for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). They will be carefully facilitated, and care will be taken to guide people away from relaying graphic content, but we can’t guarantee that content won’t feel uncomfortable, triggering or distressing. Wellbeing support will be provided at each session and participants will be encouraged to do what they need to keep themselves safe, including leaving the group if necessary. Should we feel concerned about you following a session and are unable to speak to you directly, we will try to get in touch with the trusted contact you have provided. The Flying Child CIC, the facilitators or wellbeing support counsellor/s can’t take responsibility for any distress caused. Participants will be signposted to further support at the beginning and end of each session.

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