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As in education, it is vital that professionals coming into contact with survivors of child sexual abuse understand the complex trauma and associated behaviours they might exhibit. Most will not come labelled as such and many will not have disclosed.

Accessing services such as General Practice, maternity care, planned surgery, Dentistry, routine screening and vaccinations, can be retraumatising and are often actively avoided, leading to a worsening of symptoms, delayed diagnosis and further complications. Survivors are often seen at the point of crisis, risking the labelling of the patient without consideration of the underlying trauma.

With this in mind, our training allows a unique, Lived Experience perspective on a survivor’s journey through the complexities of the healthcare system. Having considerable experience with addiction, counselling, community and institutional mental health, and maternity care systems; the speakers will promote the necessity of trauma informed approaches and the reasons they are so important, from a survivor’s point of view.

The Flying Child Project brings lived experience to the heart of Social Work. We have worked with students, Social Workers and Practice Educators across Hampshire, delivering keynote presentations that give context to their work in the community.

Remember that trauma is rarely expressed verbally. We can’t speak easily but we show it in different ways. Whether that is the repeat offender in and out of prison or the psychiatric patient who wants to harm themselves. The person with a BPD diagnosis you may perceive as difficult, lacking in boundaries or manipulative. The addict, the alcoholic, the homeless man who will not engage with services. Maybe it’s the mother who can’t bond with her child. The woman who gets into dysfunctional relationships; the old person in the care home who lashes out at you in anger. Consider they may be triggered. Consider trauma. Consider sexual abuse.

The Flying Child Project: Step up to Social Work: University of Winchester Masterclass.

What we offer:

  • Keynote speaking on lived experience.
  • Bespoke safeguarding support.
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Interactive case study sessions.
  • Consultation and feedback services.

What we cover:

  • Real life case studies of survivors and their reasons for delayed or non-disclosure.
  • The immediate and long-term impact of the profession on the survivor when trauma is not considered.
  • Examples of good and bad practice in dealing with the complex needs of survivorship.
  • We challenge stereotypes of the abused child/adult survivor.

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